Funeral Directors Provide Guidance and Support to Families During Difficult Times

At Roper & Sons, our Funeral Directors have many roles and responsibilities. They will be by your side for every step of the process.

Funeral Directors

Roper & Sons Funeral Home in Lincoln, Nebraska has been honoring the loved ones of families since 1901. We’ve developed a high level of trust with families over the years. As a locally-owned business spanning four generations, your community is our community. Our funeral directors can be trusted with your loved ones because we see them as one of our own family members.

How Do Funeral Directors Assist Families?

At Roper & Sons, our Funeral Directors have many roles and responsibilities, but ultimately they will be by your side for every step of the decision-making process, carefully explaining your options, offering recommendations at your request, and overseeing all of the details. Ensuring that you and your family’s personal touch is present is our top priority.

Together with the families, the Funeral Director will assist in all aspects of memorializing your loved one including where to hold the visitation and memorial/funeral services, if the service will be traditional or cremations, and what other officiants and musicians will be included. Services are as unique as each family we serve and the decisions that need to be made can feel overwhelming. Our Funeral Directors are always here to help with these important decisions and do all we can to help ease the process. Our goal at Roper & Sons is to provide the best care possible, because we believe in treating all of our families and their loved ones with the same care and respect as our own families.

What Role Does The Funeral Director Play on The Day of The Funeral?

Our Funeral Directors work closely with families from making funeral arrangements to burial services, and long after. On the day of your loved one’s funeral, your Funeral Director will be there to ensure everything is running smoothly and your family is being taken care of. Our Funeral Directors will help with leading the procession, transporting the family from the funeral home to the burial site, and helping with the burial process if that is the final tribute chosen. We are dedicated to you and your family and will be there to serve you through every event of the day.

Meet Our Funeral Directors

We have such a great team of Funeral Directors Roper & Sons who are dedicated to helping families during emotional and difficult times. We are so thankful for everything they do for us and for the families they work with! Keep on reading to learn more about our awesome team!

  • Tom Roper – Tom is now Roper & Sons’ President and co-owner but started here working with his Dad in 1982, mowing the lawn, answering phones, and assisting the funeral directors. After graduating mortuary school he became a Funeral Director himself and began serving families in the same community his family has served since 1901.
  • Dean Schneider – Dean is the Vice President of Roper & Sons and a co-owner. He started in the early 1990s as a mortuary student, working the front desk and hosting visitations. After graduating mortuary school he began serving families as a Funeral Director and soon after was invited to become a co-owner of this legacy funeral home.
  • Mark Roper – Mark is a 4th Generation member of the Roper family and came into the family business in 1988. After becoming a Funeral Director, he dedicated himself to decades of working with countless Lincoln families. He enjoys getting to know each of the families he serves and helping them in any way he can.
  • Steve Olson – Steve has worked in the funeral industry for over 45 years and still loves what he gets to do – helping people at their time of need. He joined Roper and Sons when Metcalf Funeral Home joined with Roper and Sons and still spends much of his time with families at the Metcalf Chapel.
  • Justin Wozny – Justin joined Roper & Sons in 2008 as a Funeral Director but has been working in funeral homes since he was a teenager. Throughout his career Justin has helped the same families several times and is honored to be a part of these important moments in their lives; he is grateful to have a career he feels he was called to do.
  • Abbey Thies – Abbey attended the University of Nebraska-Kearney, earning a degree in Exercise Science/Sports Nutrition. She furthered her education in Des Moines, Iowa, studying Mortuary Science and obtaining her funeral director’s license. She joined Roper & Sons in 2014 and has faithfully served many families in the Lincoln community.
  • Marshall Buch – Marshall joined Roper & Sons in 2015. As a Funeral Director, he understands the art behind restoring someone’s loved one at a difficult time. Through his love of art and the process of working with his hands, he is able to create a peaceful image for a family. He believes in helping others and is honored to serve families in this meaningful way.
  • Tate Schutt – Tate started working at Roper and Sons in the summer of 2016 as a student in the evenings at the front desk. After completing his Mortuary Science classes in Kansas City, Tate joined Roper & Sons in 2018 as a Funeral Director. Tate appreciates the experiences of working with families and observing how families honor and celebrate their loved ones.
  • Logan Schneider – Logan started working at Roper & Sons in 2019 and became a licensed Funeral Director in 2021. Although an Iowa native and having graduated from his studies in mortuary science in Des Moines, Logan is pleased to have found a calling at Roper and Sons in Lincoln. He enjoys connecting with families and helping with every step of the process.
  • Troy Richardson – Troy began his career in funeral service as a student in 1988 in his hometown of Alma, Nebraska. He received his bachelor’s degree from William Penn University in Pre-Mortuary Science in 1996. His career culminated in 2016 with the opening of Richardson Funeral Home in Tempe, Arizona. He joined Roper and Sons this year, 2022, when he joined his wife, moving back to his home state of Nebraska for a wonderful job opportunity she was offered.

If you are looking for a Funeral Home to help you plan and honor the wishes of your loved one in Lincoln, Nebraska, Roper & Sons invites you to give us a call at 402-476-1225. We will get you in touch with one of our directors on our team, and make sure you and your family are treated like family.

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