Planning a Memorial Service or Celebration of Life Service

For some families, choosing to honor loved ones by planning a memorial service or celebration of life service is a great option.

Planning a Memorial Service or Celebration of Life

For some families, choosing to honor loved ones with a memorial service or celebration of life service is a great option. At Roper & Sons in Lincoln, Nebraska, we understand that families often want to celebrate the joy and happiness as they remember their loved ones even while mourning their loss. We are able to help families capture that joyous essence and create a memorial service that is as unique and wonderful as their loved ones.

Choosing a Memorial Service or Celebration of Life

There are many reasons to have a memorial service or celebration of life. When needed, the service can be held several weeks following the death of the loved one. This affords the family more time to plan the service as well as make travel arrangements for those who may live farther away from the service location.

Another reason a family may choose to have a memorial service is that there are many options when selecting a venue. A memorial service can be held almost anywhere. If your loved one was involved with a religious community, then a place of worship may be the right choice for the memorial service. Roper & Sons Funeral Home also offers spaces for families to gather where services can be led by leaders from any religious community. If there was no religious affiliation, a friend or family member may choose to speak and a beautiful memorial service can still be held in our chapels, formal or informal.

You may also choose to get very creative and make the service feel more like an event or a party – it can still be meaningful and traditional while also being personal and festive. For example, if your loved one enjoyed the outdoors, then a celebration of life service in their favorite park or garden might be what brings joy to everyone in attendance.

If your home or backyard is large enough, that may offer the right setting of comfort and closeness, surrounded by the things most dear to your loved one. Holding a service at your home can also allow more time for visiting, grieving, and sharing stories among family, friends, and neighbors. Be sure to take into consideration things like accessibility for attendees and parking options.

Different types of Memorial Services

The type of memorial service can range from being formal to very relaxed, it all depends on what you think your loved one would prefer. Roper & Sons offers the following options for a memorial service or celebration of life service.

  • Traditions: This is a community gathering that offers a personalized service with traditionally planned, beautiful events to commemorate your loved one.
  • Journey: This is a personalized memorial service to commemorate your loved one with a private family viewing.
  • Reflections: This is a personal and private formal service for you and your family to say goodbye.
  • Celebration of Life Service: This can be a gathering, memorial service, and a committal service for family and friends to share memories and show their support with a Life Celebration Gathering the evening before the memorial service and a Committal Service following the memorial service.

Just remember: a memorial service or celebration of life is just that. It’s an opportunity to celebrate your loved one and we encourage you to make it as special as the person you are remembering. Roper & Sons funeral professionals are here to help you make your service beautiful. Contact us at 402-476-1225 or visit roperandsons.com.

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