Filing for and receiving government benefits can be difficult at times. At Roper & Sons Funeral Home, we are available to assist in any way.  The following information and links to Social Security and Veteran’s Benefit websites are provided for your information, so that you may begin processing paperwork before your time of need.  Please feel free to contact a Roper & Sons Funeral Director or Family Services Counselor for help answering questions.

Social Security

Applying for and receiving Social Security Benefits can be confusing to navigate. The funeral director assigned to help with your loved one’s services will help prepare the necessary forms to receive benefits. Detailed information about applying for benefits is available on the Social Security website, here:

Veteran’s Benefits

Applying for and receiving Veteran’s Benefits can be confusing to navigate. The Veteran’s Administration does not contact Veterans to provide the necessary forms. Our Family Service Counselors can provide these forms during a pre-need counseling appointment.  You may learn more about Veteran’s Benefits on the VA website, here: